Business Portraits

Before I start shooting business portraits I allways have a little conversation with the person because it’s very important for me to know who this person is and what he or she wants to achieve with the portraits. Do you want to look accessible or more formal, is humor desirable or more serious, et cetera. The result is allways a product of collaboration. Beneath you see some of the results.

20101110-161630-hans heuvelman.jpg
Hans Heuvelman is CEO at Building Bridges and owner of Hans chose for the portrait with (a strange) light accent on his right eye.
The pattern on the background is made with a strobe with reflector and a garbage can with many holes in front of it as a Gobo. The accent light in his face is made with a snoot.

Shanti Koenen works as a training actor and coach.

20101124-115601-malik de kok - denkwerkplaats-Edit.jpg
Malik de Kok helps companies writing good texts in less time. From problem to solution.

20101117-160438-lydia coppens Aprezo-Edit.jpg
Lydia Coppens works as a communication advisor and HRM coach.