Kayak in Paradiso

Some of you know that I am a big fan of the Dutch symphonic rockband Kayak. The band exists more than 35 years and developed there musical quality more and more. Alltough they had big hits worldwide in the seventies, their music has changed but preserved that typical Kayaksound. Unfortunately, last year on November 23 suddenly drummer Pim Koopman died because of a heart attack. In the year that passed we did not hear much of the band because of this great lost. On November 22 2010 the silence was broken with a great tribute concert in Paradiso Amsterdam. Of course I was there: first as a fan, secondly as photographer.

I made the following pictures with my Canon 5dMKII, often at a high ISO of 2000 or 2500. Even in those regions, the 5D performs very good with little noise. I took the shots with the Canon 50mm 1.4 and Canon 85mm 1.2 at F 2.0.

20101122-204247-kayak & guests.jpg
Joost Vergoossen, Cindy Oudshoorn

20101122-205016-kayak & guests.jpg
Edward Reekers

20101122-222358-kayak & guests.jpg
Hans Eykenaar

20101122-222611-kayak & guests.jpg
Rob Vunderink

20101122-224225-kayak & guests-2.jpg
Cindy Oudshoorn

20101122-214618-kayak & guests.jpg
Leo Blokhuis

Video: Jacqueline